Monday, June 13, 2016

LeBron James... Hair Transplants? Yes...

For those who wonder if LeBron James had a hair transplant, you decide..  Here's a picture of him a few years ago....

Take a look at him during the NBA Finals.

This was taken today... 6/13/16 - Game 5

He clearly has hair where he didn't have hair 2 years ago.

Hair Transplants can really make a difference in the way a guy looks.  In LeBron's case it frames his face and he actually has a lineup now.

LeBron seems to have had the strip harvest.  He could have done the latest FUE procedure where the grafts are taken one by one and not had a scar.

Contact Samson Hair Restoration if you would like more information on how to bring your hairline back like LeBron James.

You can also email if you would like have a virtual consultation.

Go Golden State!!

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Monday, March 14, 2016

What Prince William could learn from his first hairstylist about hair transplants.

Recently, a news story surfaced about Prince William visiting with some old friends who remarked about his hair loss.  One such friend, a former instructor of the Prince, made the point that William hadn’t changed at all over the many years except for the undeniable fact of his now much balder pate.  It was all quite a joking matter…except that I suspect the Prince wasn’t laughing on the inside.  Hair loss isn’t funny for those dealing with it.
The oldest child of Prince Charles and Princess Diana clearly got his hair loss more from his father’s side of the family.  Harry, the younger brother, has a much fuller head of hair.  William’s hair loss started fairly early and has gotten quite severe.  Quite likely he wishes there was a way to fix it…there is.  And, the answer is closer than he suspects.
For ten years Princess Diana was attended to by a hair stylist named Richard Dalt

on.  Richard traveled all over the world with Diana, sometimes styling her hair three times a day.  He was a close confidant to Diana.  He saw her through her early years as Princess and even gave young William and Harry their first haircuts.  Richard was losing his hair.  At about the same age as William is now, Richard looked into all the options for treating his hair loss, and concluded that none was good enough for him.  He just continued to lose hair.
Many years later, and after having moved to America, Richard decided to restore his hair.  He chose hair transplantation and Samson Hair Restoration as the place to have it done.  Here are the results:

Now, Richard, some thirty years William’s senior, has a better head of hair than the Prince.  The same option is open to the Prince.  He could have his hair back too.  He could have the last laugh.  

Richard had his hair transplants done with

Richard:  Before                                                 Before                                                      After

William : 
        Before                                                                                                   After

Feel welcome to contact for more before and after photos of their work.  

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Brian Urlacher got Hair Transplants!!

Brian Urlacher played 12 illustrious years in the NFL with the Chicago Bears and in his time was one of the most dominant linebackers in the league.  He was known for his intimidating bald look and scowl.  He is now the newest recipient of #hairtransplants.  

While, he did not do it at Samson Hair Restoration, he DID do it.  As much as he wore the bald look during football, clearly he never liked it.  Hair is very important even to someone as secure as Brian Urlacher.  He thought hair made him look younger.  Hair loss is very personal and the men and women who suffer from it have been quoted to say that they would give up 5 years of their life to have their hair back.  While some may scoff and say just SHAVE IT OFF... they clearly have no idea what someone with hair loss is going through.  Should women just shave it off as well?  Shaving is not a solution.  Hair transplants are a solid solution. 

Samson Hair Restoration gives men and women their confidence back and helps them go through life looking the way they feel.  You don't need to look 10 years older.  Hair Transplants change lives.  Send us an online request if you're tired of living with hair loss!!  All hats off to Brian for his brave decision to do something about his hair loss!! Literally...all hats off.  He doesn't have to wear another hat again!! 

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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

John Travolta's Hair in Savages the Movie

Just saw the movie Savages last night.  John Travolta went with a tight buzz cut.  I applaud him taking off the hair piece but now if he could get some hair transplants to fill in the corners he would look amazing.  Although black colored hair is the most difficult to make look natural, I believe it could be done and he would look like he used to. 

The movie itself was pretty violent.  There's a part where a guy is being beaten to the point of his eyeball hanging out.  I actually like the movie when all was said an done.  I just couldn't get over Travolta going au natural.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Matthew McConaughey wedding photos - He could use hair transplants

I think he could have used about 1400 grafts in the hairline.  It would have filled in-between what he already has there.  I think he would have really good density with a good 1.5 zones in the front.  Either that or he shouldn't have used so much product in his hair.  He's a good looking guy but he would not look good without hair. 

The below picture is from over 10 years ago.  What do you think?

He clearly has more hair now judging from his wedding photos.  I highly doubt in the past 10 years his hair loss has reversed or stopped.  Propecia doesn't work in the hairline so that wouldn't be it. 

I think if he needs

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

John Travolta and his hairloss...Shouldn't he get hair transplants?

I just saw a photo of him in Star magazine which I have attached for your viewing pleasure....

He mentioned in the first Get Shorty movie that a guy he shot should have looked into follicular unit grafts vs. plugs because they were much more natural looking.  Wonder why he didn't do it himself! He's opted for hairpieces ... strange choice for a guy who clearly has the money and the donor hair. 

 Not Sexy...  What happened to the Danny Zuko Coiffure???

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Don Draper/Jon Hamm from you think he would be as sexy without hair?

Hair DOES matter. 

To me if Don Draper from MadMen had his hairline missing, I don't think he would look as sexy as he does now.  Think about it. 

If Tom Cruise was missing hair on top of his head like this...

Women would NOT find him AS sexy...

As a female, to me hair does matter.  I don't want too much on the body and just enough on the head. 

A hairline frames the face like a picture in frame. 

Check out this before and after and tell me you don't think this guy looks 1000x better Steve A.

Hair Matters to this girl anyway.