Wednesday, May 30, 2012

John Travolta and his hairloss...Shouldn't he get hair transplants?

I just saw a photo of him in Star magazine which I have attached for your viewing pleasure....

He mentioned in the first Get Shorty movie that a guy he shot should have looked into follicular unit grafts vs. plugs because they were much more natural looking.  Wonder why he didn't do it himself! He's opted for hairpieces ... strange choice for a guy who clearly has the money and the donor hair. 

 Not Sexy...  What happened to the Danny Zuko Coiffure???

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Don Draper/Jon Hamm from you think he would be as sexy without hair?

Hair DOES matter. 

To me if Don Draper from MadMen had his hairline missing, I don't think he would look as sexy as he does now.  Think about it. 

If Tom Cruise was missing hair on top of his head like this...

Women would NOT find him AS sexy...

As a female, to me hair does matter.  I don't want too much on the body and just enough on the head. 

A hairline frames the face like a picture in frame. 

Check out this before and after and tell me you don't think this guy looks 1000x better Steve A.

Hair Matters to this girl anyway.