Sunday, January 10, 2016

Brian Urlacher got Hair Transplants!!

Brian Urlacher played 12 illustrious years in the NFL with the Chicago Bears and in his time was one of the most dominant linebackers in the league.  He was known for his intimidating bald look and scowl.  He is now the newest recipient of #hairtransplants.  

While, he did not do it at Samson Hair Restoration, he DID do it.  As much as he wore the bald look during football, clearly he never liked it.  Hair is very important even to someone as secure as Brian Urlacher.  He thought hair made him look younger.  Hair loss is very personal and the men and women who suffer from it have been quoted to say that they would give up 5 years of their life to have their hair back.  While some may scoff and say just SHAVE IT OFF... they clearly have no idea what someone with hair loss is going through.  Should women just shave it off as well?  Shaving is not a solution.  Hair transplants are a solid solution. 

Samson Hair Restoration gives men and women their confidence back and helps them go through life looking the way they feel.  You don't need to look 10 years older.  Hair Transplants change lives.  Send us an online request if you're tired of living with hair loss!!  All hats off to Brian for his brave decision to do something about his hair loss!! Literally...all hats off.  He doesn't have to wear another hat again!! 

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